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Wayne Pert portrait. #

Wayne Pert

Wayne brought enthusiasm and vigour with a great talent for daring presentation of the skills taught by Tommy Messham.

On the show front, his presence and sense of fear made his rolling road presentation a joy to watch.
Opening the show with a cracking straight ride, exciting dips and dives with flare and panache.

Wayne pert demonstrating tricks. Tommy Messham, Wayne Pert and female friend.

The shows finale The Hell Riders Race became a masterpiece of his entertainment skills.

Wayne Pert cycling around the wall

Like all Wall of Death riders, he started riding its “SMALLEST AND STEEPEST RACE TRACK IN THE WORLD” on a bicycle, and continued to do so for many years with great ease.

Tommy messham and Wayne Pert showfront.

Another of Messham’s star performers that went to entertain on the continent.