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Tommy Messhams showfront in new Paul Wright decoration, with 1920's Indian Scouts. #


Over the decades cinema and television have competed with The Wall Of Death and live entertainment in attracting audiences to the current style of modern novelties available for the public interest.

In times gone by cinema took pride of place in part of a fair, as did The Wall Of Death. These days entertainment is diverse and varied, suiting all classes of people. For those who enjoy a day out and the real thrill of being an audience The Wall Of Death can be found at fairs and other major events, others prefer to be entertained at home enjoying glimpses, insights and snippets of live entertainment from the comfort of there armchair.

Enterprising producers have seen entertainment in this modern age can include the new alongside the old, and so you will find films about or including The Wall Of Death and Globe Of Death as part of the storyline.
Documentary and human interest productions can be found on the big and small screens.

You only need search YouTube for a variety of films and TV snippets, tap in messhams wall of death

For those with an inclination towards directing the camera, introduce yourself at one of our performances or contact us through this website.


Since a young age they have used vehicles for sport and excitement. From motocross to racing, stock car and banger, winning many trophies and national competitions deriving much pleasure from their interests.

Their father knew it was only a matter of time before they became old enough and aware that the name Messham had a long history of motorcycle entertainment and there was a tradition to embrace.

Grasping the opportunity to shine bright in the spotlight of success came naturally. Intense training and on the job experience is not something that comes from books or found in the Yellow Pages, it is no easy task living up to standards set by three previous generations considered the best in the business.

Junior, Jake and Nathan Messham with the shows quad bike.

Their lives are now very full, training star riders of their own to perform alongside them. Photo shoots for advertising, publicity and filming for cinema and TV takes a lot of spare time when they are not entertaining throughout Europe or travelling across oceans of the world.

The brothers are keen enthusiasts of Facebook. They can also be contacted through this website.