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James Messham #

The Team

James Messham presents and operates Europe’s oldest motorcycle sport show.

For over 80 years his family have established and upheld an international reputation for excellence of performance and presentation of this unique and thrilling entertainment
The Wall of Death.

A.Locks Wallis and Stevens Engine Queen Elizabeth.

The Messham Brothers, Nathan, Jake, Junior and James are star artists of their father’s shows The Wall of Death and Globe of Death.

Jake messham dressed for performance. Tommy Messham Snr. portrait. Tommy Messham Jnr. portrait.

Between them they present Europe’s number 1 motorcycle stunt shows, top class entertainment enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Entertainment that has been acclaimed by the press, radio and TV as

The Messham Brothers performance has no equal throughout the world. Training and experience has been drawn from a wealth of knowledge carefully passed down through their family for over 8 decades.

The Brothers represent their family as the 4th generation of an art form that has been passed father to son since 1929.

They stand together maintaining a family tradition, a unique live performance, saving their heritage from obscurity.

Jake Messham Junior Messham
Junior and Jake Messham with Charles Winter.

Charles Winter has worked with three generations of the messham family, presenting and performing the Messhams Wall Of Death Show and Globe Of Death Show.

He can be found today as James Messhams front man, performer, mechanic, carpenter, press agent, trainer, designer and so on promoting this live and unique entertainment.

His seat of learning commenced at Oxford, under the tutorship of Tommy Messham he graduated from the University of St Giles.

Charles has a self professed claim, to see Messhams Shows into the fith generation and the hundreth year. Lets hope the Indian factory slogan “You can never wear out an Indian Scout” is also good for Charles!

Six Flags arena, New Jersey, Douglas MacValley, Sofia, Humberto Fonseca and Charles Winter. Charles Winter and Stephen Brennan on set for the film Eat the Peach. Press Cutting from The Clare Champion - 10/04/2009