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Globe of Death

A sensational act of unbelievable daring, performed by Messham’s team of daredevils on motorcycles inside a 15ft/5m diameter steel latticework sphere.

Audience adrenaline peaks as riders circulate from a horizontal plane towards them, achieving vertical loops, passing inverted under the globes crown.

Hearts beat faster to the throb and rhythm of the motorcyclist’s engines as they climb at full power racing to the top, almost cutting out before gathering speed down into the bottom, only to fly off in another direction.

Sparks flying from Globe of Death.

The rise and fall of the bikes engines reaches a crescendo as the audience gasps in disbelief, doubting the reality of what they see before them, questioning the performer’s sanity as they cross and re-cross one anothers path with split second timing and only inches to spare.

The crazy whirlwind of geometry blur into a quick hit image of patterned motion leaving audiences unsteady on their feet and reeling in senses.



Messham’s Globe of Death is entertainment suitable for all ages and walks of life.

Flexible in its application, The Globe can be used in the open as a free to view programmed performance for audiences attending shows, rallys, and gatherings.

Enclosed as a paid or invitation entry show.

Presented as an act of performance in circus productions on stage/theatre.

Suitable and available as an unusual eye catching item of diversified interest content for film/TV and advertising.

Globe of Death at Ohio State Fair Globe of Death showfront


Our Globe of Death was made from Scottish milled steel and was constructed by skilled craftsmen at the HARLAND AND WOLF shipyard in Belfast.

Globe of Death old showfront.

Shaped and riveted to a 15ft/5m diameter sphere in 15 sections with one piece rolled steel plate top and bottom sections.

We believe its cage was commissioned by Barry’s Amusements and remained in Northern Ireland for many years, but frequently toured to the Republic, Scotland and various locations abroad.

Barry’s Globe of Death Show was presented and performed by George Brockerton at major events up and down the country.

George Brockerton and Trophies

In Portrush, Barry’s offered £5.00 and a silver cup to anyone prepared to “Have a Go” in the cage of death. When a teenager motorcycle star, Artie Bell, took up the challenge he walked away with the prize.

George Brockerton, a legend of motorcycle racing history, the only Irishman to hold a Brooklands Gold Star for speeds in excess of 100mph.

Born in Coleraine 1898, in the 1920s he came first in the 500cc Championship of Ulster and Ireland.

He took a major role in organising and rode in the first North-West 200 in 1929.

Globe Riders with Terry McGovern of Barrys Amusements

In the 1970’s Tommy Messham Snr purchased Barry’s cage from another keen motorcyclist and road racer from Northern Ireland JACK MCMINN. He worked alongside and was trained by George Brockerton, who then was engaged in presenting cinema entertainment to local communities. Jack for many years took his Globe Show to church fêtes and carnivals all over Ireland.

Jack McMinn riding the Globe of Death

Today Jack is a keen supporter of James and the Messham Brothers Globe and Wall of Death shows and as Ulster’s senior stuntman often joins them to give support and advice, reliving his youth!