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Chris Lee on Wall of Death book cover. #

Chris Lee

Chris Lee has become known throughout Europe, many millions of spectators have marvelled at his riding skills, thrilled and frightened at the same time by the maniac glint in his eye.
He looks at you full in the face, passing by within inches of where you stand, tapping, nonchalantly with his front wheel the safety wire you are advised not to touch.

Chris’ riding skills came as no accident, he was trained from a young age to entertain you to the highest standard of performance by Tommy Messham Snr, becoming Star of the Show.


Chris Lee portrait. Chris Lee and Tommy Messham Jnr. riding Honda CD175's.

Chris Lee is without doubt one of the best.

In 1975 Chris Lee became holder of the world record, riding the Wall of Death non-stop for 3 ½ hours, a feat of considerable endurance that left him “ecstatic and very happy, but unable to stand up”.