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Rider Speedy Babs and transport. #


Speedy Babbs, aviator, pioneering parachutist entertained in the days of Barnstorming and Flying circuses.

When these areal shows became regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, Reverend Babbs diverted his attentions to other outlets for his daring nature, The Wall Of Death and Globe Of Death, entertainment he pursued until his dying days.

James Messham’s legacy of those days in America take shape in the form of his Wall Of Death, a faithful reconstruction in fifteen tons of Douglas Fir built to a traditional American design. Manufactured to plans and specifications passed on from Speedy Babbs.

The Wall Of Death generally stands on level ground 50x50 ft, requiring space all round for machines and crew involved in construction. in addition, space behind is required for heavy haulage vehicles, living accommodation and support vehicles.

From arrival to departure, Messhams crew are specialists in handling, construction and care of the equipment and public.
Safety checks and maintenance take place throughout the day.
Appropriate authorities test and approve construction methods and operation on an annual basis.

At the Wall Of Death public safety is James Messhams first consideration.

James Messhams Wall of Death construction technicians. James Messhams construction crew unloading quad bike.