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Junior, Jake and Nathan Messham with the shows quad bike. #

Messhams Archive

James Messhams heritage, The Wall Of Death spans four generations. In this archive of photographs and information there are to be found, eight decades of memories and nostalgia.

The era of Jake Messham started with The Wall Of Deaths origins in Europe until the mid fifties. You will find photographs and profiles of his riders and family. Snaps from those early days.

Tommy Messhams era commences in the fifties, operating until the eighties. To be found are profiles of riders trained and presented by him, press and family photographs from his collection.

Tommy Messham jnr his era starts with the seventies enduring into the nineteen nineties. The riders he trained, that stared in his shows are included with photographs from those days.

James Messham family and team of riders, publicity and press photographs are to be found in this forth section of the archive.

“It is my wish to share photographs, quotes and information with everybody who has an interest and supports The Wall Of Death and Globe Of Death shows.
Most of the information has been collected and passed on to me by family, riders and members of the public.
I am very happy to meet at our show members of the public who have pictures cuttings and scrapbooks that can be added to the archive”